So much has been written about Afghanistan, so many opinions expressed. I’m not going to add to them except to simply say the past week has been a dark and worrying one for many in and outside the country.

For anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of the lives of ordinary people there I recommend two recent memoirs and some films.

There are many excellent documentaries and films that give insight this complex country. The following is a few I’ve watched:


The Tillman Story

The road to Guantanamo


Taxi to the dark side


Hope House, the orphanage featured in the above book is run out of Sydney and is still able to get help through to Kabul and is also helping with emergency care for homeless families who’ve fled to Kabul. Please consider donating to them. The name is Mahboba’s Promise. Contact is, phone 0298871665 or email

The situation there can feel overwhelming but there are always ways to help. Let each of us continue to listen and do what we can for the future.