Fatigue Leave

Most nurses who work in Australian remote locations have to take turns at being on call for emergency after hours call outs, from the clinic where they work. If a community is large, or staff few, a nurse can quickly become exhausted from being called out several times during the night. In Queensland a nurse is allowed a 10 hour break from any call out after midnight, it’s called fatigue leave and is a welcome relief, to sleep in and just stay at home.

Here’s an excerpt from my journal in late 2008:
” On call last night, did overtime with a vomiting child, a nose bleed that had stopped by the time they got to the clinic, a cut foot and a crying baby. I got into bed after midnight…now enjoying the luxury of fatigue leave, sitting in bed with coffee, books and my own company. I’ve opened the curtains to let light in. I can see straight out onto the clinic grounds, the wind is scattering gum leaves and dried palm fronds, sunlight and shadows making interesting patterns through the eucalyptus trees when I half close my eyes, all from the safety of my bed, my haven. This is day number six in a nine in a row stint and I’m already weary of people and their needs.”

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